Police are quite a lot of cheery blokes.

Today we had more orientation….and more orientation…and more orientation. Thank goodness today was the last day of that. I still know nothing about my internship except that I don’t have my interview until Thursday afternoon. Most people have theirs over the next two days so I suppose I’ll spend a few days out wandering around London. Today we had a safety talk with a couple of officers who were hilarious. They actually taught us more about living in London than anybody else had over the past 15 days. Some of the useful things we’ve learned include that there is in fact no law against jaywalking but if you choose to do so you will most likely get hit by a car. You are allowed to walk around the streets and parks drinking alcohol as you like…HOWEVER, a new law just passed banning alcohol from public transportation, no more drinking on the bus and tube. People are rioting and protesting…absurd. There was much more than this but another disturbing point is that you should always plan extra time for your trip to work on Mondays simply because this is the most popular of jumping days. This simply means that usually on Mondays there are people who jump in front of the trains and trains are delayed so that the mess can be cleared. They said this in all honestly but many have told us this as it is apparently not an uncommon occurance. This doesn’t even phase people, they get upset because it makes them late for work.
This afternoon we had a Cream Tea Reception at the Regency Hotel. It was all very fancy. Scones, clotted cream, pastys, cucumber sandwiches, puddings, and tea and all was very good. Here are Jake, Leslie, Laura, Ben, myself, and Mai. Notice Jake’s proper pinky finger etiquette.

This all aside I love London, it is so historical and homey feeling. Today I got the chance to wander around on me onesies for a bit, in and out of shops, there is so much to do here. I wanted to travel out of the area and go up to Scotland and go over to Amsterdam but I don’t think that this is going to happen. Everything is very expensive in London and so funding will not be possible for those sorts of trips. Alas, I’m all right there is much to do here in London, much of it free or fairly cheap. I can definitely keep myself busy for two months, instead of buying a plane or train ticket I’ll just split that money up and do five different things here.
Some of my plans include hitting up the theatre, a lot! There are so many shows going on everywhere. Be prepared to be jealous Mom…they have Dirty Dancing on stage here and I am totally going sometime this week. I’ll be going on a Jack the Ripper tour, I am seeing King Lear at THE Shakesphere’s Globe Theatre next week, I’ll have to hit up the London Eye and there is a haunted London Bridge Tombs attraction that is in store. Hope all is well and that weather is better there…it’s true what they say that the sun doesn’t exist on this little island.


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