Top 10 Movies so far

My top 10 movies thus far, but in no particular order. That would be a difficult task!
1.Rocky Horror Picture ShowIt’s a classic cult film and nothing is more fun then going to a showing with props on halloween. Also, Tim Curry is phenomenal.
2. Pippi Longstocking
It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and now I love to watch it with my nephew and sing all the songs with them.
3.The Original BBC Chronicles of Narnia
As a child I used to watch these movies whenever I was sick. The original BBC versions far surpass the new versions and are more true to the books.
4.I Am David
It is a very heart-gripping movie I saw on a bus ride from Boston on my way home from Maine and it’s one I won’t ever forget.
5.Imagine Me and You
A great love story that I could watch over and over again.
6.Nothing But Trouble
Everybody has a guilty movie selection from their past don’t they? This is mine, a RIDICULOUS movie my siblings and I loved growing up.
7.Schindler’s List
Not because I like watching terribly depressing movies about the Holocaust but this one and I am David are so good and so well done they deserve a spot on this list.
8. The Others
This is a good horror movie with a great plot. Those usually aren’t two things that come together very often.
9. Pet Semetary
I don’t scare easily but this is a movie that has managed to scare the bahjeezus out of me since I was little.
10. Microwave Massacre
My best friend and I, when we were in middle school, would go and rent the worst looking horror movies we could find. This was the horror movie to take all cakes, including a poodle put in a microwave. Absolutely terrible and wonderful all at once.


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