Let’s try this again.

Hello all and zero readers! I know I made an attempt last summer to start blogging again about my summer working at the Frank Lloyd Wright house but it never happened. I am going to start blogging again actually this time. Only this will be a more mixed blog. Occasionally I’ll talk about trips or adventures I’ve had lately, museum career stuff, or general thoughts and going-ons.


Coming up in the future:
After my job at the FLlW house last summer, I was laid-off in November, bummer. I was unable to find ANYTHING to do. I applied, and applied and applied for everything but to no avail. I decided to move home and nanny my nephew Easton, he’s a doll.
I also was recruited to work for the Maquoketa Art Experience which is a fairly new art community attempting to evolve in my hometown.  They have a lot of organization and strategic planning to do but in a few years I feel it could be a really wonderful thing for Maquoketa (if the farmers could learn to enjoy it).  I’ve been getting some really great experience while working there however. I’ve been writing some grant applications, doing some research and database compilation as well as some networking too. I’ve got to keep building that resume!
So, while doing that I decided to apply again to grad school.  This time at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.  I was accepted and will be going there this fall to obtain my Masters of Museum Professions with an emphasis in Exhibition Development.  It is a small, Catholic school but no mind I think I really like it. Small classes, working professors, and honestly I’m a 30 minute ride from Times Square and just a little bit farther from my best friend, Alice.  It’s a two-year program with a May seminar in Rome next year! The school is obviously in very close proximity to a ton of museums being the neighbor of New York City and all.  Hopefully that will mean many great chances for networking and, fingers crossed, internships and/or jobs. School starts in August, now apartment hunting begins from Iowa.
Next exciting thing for the future is my summer internship at the Union Historical Society in Union, Maine.  I’ll be sort of a catch-all intern again from the sounds of it, getting to do a variety of tasks. Mostly I’ll be helping with collections and research.  Union is a fairly small but seemingly very interesting OLD (1774) town.  It’s a paid position and they’re providing housing.  Five weeks in Maine, I certainly won’t complain.  I leave mid-June (maybe earlier to putz around in Maine with my friend Alice’s Mom who lives up that way) and will be back towards the end of July. Just in time to attempt Ragbrai! It’s going to be a busy summer.
Next post: My trip to New York City

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