Fun time pictures

I’ve been working on getting my creative juices flowing lately.  I used to spend all night every night photoshopping ridiculous pictures but it’s been a very long time.  The last couple nights I’ve been getting back to it and honestly I have TOO many other things to do but we know how that goes.  Instead of cleaning, planning my trip to Maine, or pulling weeds I’ve been learning HTML (thanks Jenni for the fab book) and playing with photoshop.  In addition to the WIDE VARIETY of things I’ve been and will continue to blog about you can expect a random fun photoshop project to zest it up a bit.
Following are a couple I’ve been working on lately, some need more work and there will be plenty more to come.  Any ideas on things I MUST stop and see on my way to Maine?  My one faithful follower who’s never even been to Maine…any suggestions!? Ha!
This one is my personal fave out of them, my nephew Easton. He’s such a doll!
Below: Two of my favorite fellows having a good time with a hat, my dad and nephew!
Lastly, is a little thing that needs some more work.  It’s sort of an ode to my starting hard research on my family geneology.  Our fun and colorful history all smashed into one little book.  Pictured in this little magical playground from left to right in this pic there is of course me hanging from the tree, my sis Jenni and her dog Keekers (Kaiah), my sister-in-law Alanda and her son Easton, my nephew Preston and niece, Destiny.  Just part of the family, but the picture may see additions soon.

One response to “Fun time pictures

  • Jenni

    I'm glad you like the book!I'm loving the pics. (Even if I kind of look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the one…)Make me something cool that I can blow up and put on my red wall.

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