Last Days in Maine

I leave my peaceful little place with Elaine in Maine to go to my HOME!! tomorrow. I’ve made the decision to drive through Canada because it will A) be an adventure and B) I can avoid Massachusetts traffic. I met a guy here from Massachusetts and I complained to him about his kind, he replied, “They don’t call us Massholes for nothing.” I love it, I think my father will also appreciate this comment.


Five weeks is up all ready but I feel like I accomplished quite a bit while I was here. Sunday morning was spent cleaning up decorative bunting off The Common from Founders Day and then I had the afternoon off. It was a beautiful day so I skipped on over to the Owl’s Head beach and had it all to myself. There is a sign going to the lighthouse and a sign going to the beach, I went to the beach on the other side of the lighthouse you have to climb down a ridiculously steep bushy hill to get to. It was worth having the beach to myself for the afternoon. It was nice and relaxing even though the water was plenty cold while swimming.
I shouldn’t say I had the ENTIRE afternoon off I had to be back at a quarter of five to go hiking with Dave and Suzy. We had plans to go out in the woods and attempt to locate where Joel and Mima Adams (original settlers and characters in Come Spring) had their cabin. We had no luck but I’m going to figure it out someday. We did however see these cool Indians’ Pipes plants which Dave tells me are the only plant that doesn’t have/use chlorophyll. On the way home from the beach to meet Dave and Suzy I grabbed a sandwich at The Market Basket in Camden. A-W-E-S-O-M-E and huge. Stone-ground wheat bread, oven-roasted turkey, onion, three colors of pepper, dill Dijon mayo, lettuce and goat cheese! It was terrific. I also stopped at MicMac gas station and got Fresca in a bottle! In a bottle! You can’t get that in Iowa. Also a peanut butter no-bake, way better than a regular one but I’m also not a big fan of chocolate. Have I mentioned how much I love food?
Monday, Keri (last year’s intern) and I took a research trip to the Maine State Archives. They were very helpful but Keri didn’t want to spend the whole day like I did so I only managed to get pictures of about 20 pieces of Civil War correspondence that dealt with Union. Lunch was at the A1 Diner. Totally Dive and Diner and Guy Fieri has even been there, no surprise. The place is like a old cart up on stilts and is super swanky inside. I had a mexi-turkey sandwich unfortunately loaded with cilantro and I HATE cilantro, but after scraping it off it was fairly tasty.
Last night Elaine made brisket. It’s my favorite and she combined our two recipes to make it, which were almost the same. Along with some mashed potatoes, baked green peppers, onions, and two types of zucchini it was delicious. Today was my last day at work which meant finishing up all my little loose end projects. Dave took me to Come Spring Café for lunch and I ate this piece of Peanut Butter Cream Pie the size of hand.
Since my first week here we (Elaine, Suzy and I) have discussed going over to Tamarind a Thai restaurant in Rockland but hadn’t gotten around to it. We decided tonight was the night. We sat in some fun seats where it’s like you’re sitting on the ground but you’re not because there is room under the table for your feet. It was different but we ate a lot of tasty food. Beef satay doused in cucumber sauce and then dipped in peanut sauce, crab Rangoon with Thai sweet chili sauce and I had Pad Thai for my main course and Thai tea. I’m going to miss Elaine, I know that much. 😦 You can expect more on my experiences and things later but I have to get to bed! 5:30 will come awful early in the morning!

One response to “Last Days in Maine

  • Jenni Schwartz

    Again… the food!Those Indians' Pipes plants are kind of awesome.Where are you unable to find Fresca in a bottle in Iowa? I thought you were talking glass once you said you couldn't find it in IA and then I saw the picture. We totally have that EVERYWHERE… maybe Maqtown is boycotting.

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