Wake up kid, you’re not in Iowa!

It’s official, I am now a student. I’ve registered for classes and have a student i.d. I had my main wakeup call yesterday when I went out to get my starter groceries. First of all I forgot how expensive getting started is and second, I am pretty much in New York City it’s going to be EXPENSIVE! This will be the true show of whether I am my mother’s daughter or not. Coupons and sales here I come because my diet will be limited to what you have to offer.

There are several supermarkets in the area. PathMark which is the main sort of Hyvee-ish one, A&P which I haven’t been to but Dr. Chu says that’s where they shop and even though it is super dive they are friendly and a bit cheaper. We also have Fine Fare which is the most eclectic hodge podge of an ethnic food store ranging from Russian to Cambodian to Japanese foods. Love it, a little weird but I like options and Dr. Chu says you get a 10% on non-sale items with a Seton Hall I.D. even better!

Sorry the vid is sideways, clearly I need to work on video editing software. My digs here are quaint and cute. It’s just a nice little colonial style house right behind campus (super convenient for me I’m about 100 ft from the gates into campus) and I have a room on the 2nd floor. The room is plenty big and with two big closets, and armoire and dresser type thing I’ve got all sorts of places to cram my stuff. We have a pretty big kitchen and back yard, normal living room and dining room. The only real downside is that there is one bathroom for three women; Sheila and Shannon are both teachers so they have to be TO work by 8am, this may help me out depending on where I find a job. I yell about the basket because it was part of my lovely going away basket full of stuff and snacks from my sasster Jenni!

I was just telling a friend the main reason I’m excited for grad school is that I get to take ONLY classes I want on a subject I’m INTERESTED in. I know undergrad schools want you to be well-rounded but most of those gen-ed classes are lame-o and you have to take them with a bunch of schmucks who don’t give a crap to be there, not my favorite. This semester on my plate I have Writing for Museums (text panels, exhibition guides, etc), History and Theory of Museums which is, well, just what it says and Museum Exhibitions A to Z. I’m excited for all of these. I love but also dread taking the Writing for Museums class. I NEED this, really solid professional writing is not my forte as you can tell, I write the way I speak which is fine for informal matters but not in my career. It will be my biggest challenge and hopefully a big accomplishment.

Things I forgot about big city and college town living:
1) It’s bright in the city, you don’t get pitch black night.
2) It’s loud; sirens, airport 10 minutes away, drunk hollering (luckily not much in my neighborhood.
3) People from different cultural backgrounds (not so common in Maquoketa) this is a plus!
4) College kids, specifically undergrads, guh. Many of them dress dumb and it annoys me.
The ride out here was pretty uneventful besides getting detoured over an hour out of my way off 80 and almost dying once in Pennsylvania when a car stopped too suddenly and jack-knifed across the road in front of me. You could smell the tires on that one but I survived it. It rained when I was finishing packing my car Friday night, rained from 2 p.m. on on Saturday, rained almost all day Sunday and was a torrential DOWNPOUR when I arrived at my new abode. This made the windows for unpacking the car a little spotty but I managed. NJ here is the beginning of a two year relationship.

This edition of “You look like…”
1) You look exhausted/tired. – EVERYBODY tells me this, I sleep sometimes I promise I do.  I just have some awesome purpley bags under my eyes all the time but I’ll be honest I am a bit of an insomniac.
2) This is not a You Look Like moment but it’s common and funny so I’m sharing it.  People, never people I know just people when I first meet them, seem to comment on my eyes a lot.  My new neighbor Tony, who apparently has a bajillion brothers had some friends over the other night and one of them was Ian, who they refer to as Magic and has a very thick Jamaicany/Islander type accent.  He was heckling me as I was unloading my car and I mean heckling so I went over to chat with him because he threatened to hop the very short fence and come to me.  He stopped in mid-sentence as we shook hands (in which he wouldn’t let go of mine) and said, “What’s in those eyes? (Here I stand awkwardly not knowing what to say) You’ve got searching eyes…What’s in those eyes? What are you searching for?” My reply, “I got them from my mom…”  What do you say to that? Awkward, I like people.  Not funny to you? Probably not. Guess you had to be there.


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