Fashionista Carnivore

I realize I’m not a very fashionable person.  I love cute clothes but I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt type of girl.  I’m working on this about myself and have recently HAD to indulge in some shopping for new clothes.  I say HAD because it wasn’t just because I wanted to, it was because my clothes don’t fit.  I’m both annoyed and pleased by the fact that I can shop at stores like Express and American Eagle where I couldn’t before because they didn’t make clothes in my size. My fashion advisors Jenni, Tiffany and Jess have been very helpful assisting via phone pictures in picking out clothes.


Being back in campus life reminds me of all the stupid fashion trends I strongly dislike.  I see people wearing these things daily and it makes me shake my head in disapproval.  Yes, everybody is entitled to their own style.  This is simply my own opinion on clothes people are wearing that I think are terrible.  I wrote an article in my high school newspaper about my issues with fashion and how much people base on it.  I was then referred to as a “fashion carnivore” by a fellow classmate.  Ha! First, that would mean I eat up fashion, quite the contrary. “Fashionista carniove,” possibly the better title. 

Socks with Sandals

I’m not a pessimistic person, life is excellent lately.  I just simply have some things in life, fashion, style and/or otherwise that take down my happiness meter at least ½ a point.  I don’t hate everything and to prove it I’m adding a selection of things I LOVE!  Many of my readers/Facebook friends recently participated in my ‘Simple Joys’ survey about what little things make you happy in life.  I appreciate all of these things and expect my next post to include the list of my “chosen” entries

Fashion/Style/Action I dislike:
1) Socks with Sandals – ALWAYS a bad idea, if it is cold enough for socks then you shouldn’t be wearing sandals.
2) Shirts with necklaces printed on them – I wish you would just cough up the money to buy a real necklace, these shirts REALLY bother me.
3) Dress shirts with sweatpants – Why go through the effort of wearing a cute dress shirt and then wear sweatpants or gym shorts.  Men and women alike do this out here.
4) Guys who come up next to you and think it’s attractive to haulk a loogie – It’s not even a little attractive.
5) People turning left who think they have the right of way – Okay so this is just New Jersey BUT it’s seriously a huge problem.
6) Guys who layer three polo shirts and pop their collar – Especially when all three shirts are the same size, they pull, push and bubble in all the wrong places.
Skinny Jeans

7) Ugg boots – They are hideous. Also, it does NOT make you look European when you wear all black with your tan Uggs.

Too Much Poppin’

8) Skinny Jeans – I don’t care WHO you are, these look bad even on you.  They make people’s hips look weird and feet look huge. ALWAYS, skinny jeans are dumb.  There is one exception when I find these okay, see below.
9) Flat-billed hats – It infuriates me even more when people leave the sticker on the underside of the bill. You are not a thug and it makes your head look big and weird shaped.  Really it annoys me when people don’t take the tags/stickers off any possession. Binders or Tupperware with stickers still on the side or reusable grocery bags with the sale tags still on them.

The following link may be fashion faux pas of 2008, but if they were considered terrible at that time why are people still doing it?


Trends I love:
1) Old men who pop their collar – It’s cute because it’s only ONE shirt and they think they’re hot stuff. 

Riding Boots
Cardi & Sundress
2) Sundresses with cardigans – such a fun, innocent look (and super popular out here
3) Riding Boots – This is a SOMETIMES love for me and is the only time I allow skinny jeans.  Stipulations: The girl has to have cute boots and be able to pull the jockey look off, most cannot.  I myself, for instance, wish I could do this but I don’t think it’s possible.
4) Moccasins – Love! Super comfy too.
5) The plain look – A white tee and dark blue jeans that both fit well.  A look I always APPRECIATE!
So maybe there are more dislikes than loves.  There are a lot of trends I either like or don’t mind, there are just few I outwardly LOVE. What are your hates/loves?

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