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Memorial Day Weekend

Our lovely tour guide.

A couple of nights ago Alisa, Leslie, Casey and I went on a haunted walking tour of Lafayette Square. It was a lot of fun. Heard stories about Abe Lincoln, Dan Sickles, Tecumseh, etc. It was all very interesting. I now want to read the book American Scoundrel which is about Dan Sickles, but they sure don’t have that book ANYWHERE in D.C. I was going to get it to read on the plane. This was our tour guide along with one of the monuments on the square.

So, here is a nice picture of the Whitehouse…with a random guy on the roof.

We had a long metro ride home...when we saw this advertisement on the wall. We proceeded to do EVERYTHING on this list. It was fun and kept us busy.

We went to the Mall to peruse the monuments when we came upon this fountain.

The Washington Monument

Standing in the gorgeous WWII Memorial.

World War II Memorial

The Korean War Memorial.

The Lincoln Monument (My fave of course!)

I did a day on Washington D.C. today. Roomies slept in so I took off early this morning. I started by going to the Eastern Market, Mom would been amazed…It was BIG and there was a lot of stuff. There were a lot of thing I wanted but I was good and didn’t let myself get anything. Next I went to the National Portrait Gallery as part of my scavenger hunt assignment (even though I had planned on going anyways). I had to go to the presidential win g and chose my favorite portrait. My favorite was a photograph of Abraham Lincoln a month before his 2nd inauguration taken by Alexander Gardner, I feel like his face just has a lot of conviction in it. After this I wandered through a few shops and went down to the Mall. Saw the Smithsonian Castle, Sackler Gallery, Freer Gallery, and African Art Gallery. As well as the sculpture gardens, loved them.I watched the Rolling Thunder parade. Rolling Thunder is all of the veterans and/or motorcycle riders bring their bikes and ride them around the mall. There were THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of bikes there today. It was loud, but it was fun to see all of the diversity amongst the bikers. 

Rolling Thunder Parade

Abraham Lincoln a nd I hung out for a bit today (outside the wax museum that is).We went to the Memorial Day concert which was really REALLY good. Performers included Colin Powell, Dennis Leary, Idina Menzel, Gary Sinise, Charlie Durning?, Sarah Brighton, The National Symphony Orchestra, Rodney Atkins, John Schneider, Joe Montainia, and the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets. 

TAPS at the Capitol

Memorial Concert at The Capitol Building