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Speeches and Commerce


Nice or Naughty? Waiting in the window seat at TWC for stuff to go down.



So, we’re walking down the street and somebody says, “Hey, isn’t that the Whitehouse?” Indeed it was, so for my first time I just found the Whitehouse by wandering D.C.


We look all professional sitting at this huge table at the Chamber of Commerce.


Lunch at the Cornerstone, we recruited a couple of new members for our pay-per-pound daily eating extravaganza.


Day 2: Roomies

Crazy, crazy ladies. I have three roomies, two from Ohio and one from California. We get a long really well, they are hysterical. Today we got up nice and early and headed to the Metro for the 45 minute ride to the Washington Center. Today we did a lot of orientation type stuff…and name games and all that fun stuff you do for orientation. Ate lunch at the Cornerstone Buffet where you buy your food by the pound. I didn’t realize I could just up and eat one and a half pounds of random buffet food. It was tasty. We came back to the hotel which is pretty nice, our room is on the fourteenth floor.


Tonight we had a pool party…my roomies and I were the only ones cool enough to show up. Some people came later but they weren’t even wearing their suits so just sat and talked for a while. Everybody is really nice, it will be a fun trip.

View from The Grand's 14th floor

I have my interview with the British Museum. I believe I will be doing survey and observation work, I’m not sure just yet. We have two group sort of projects to get started on all ready and then our own personal list of goals outlined by the pillars of the Washington Center.


Miss you all at home, but man am I having a good time.

Arriving in D.C.

Yesterday I arrived in Virginia. My aunt and uncle picked me up at the airport. We stayed at my aunt’s sister’s farm, Silverbrook Farm. It is an absolutely gorgeous place, an 18th century farm house, with a meat house and outdoor bath house too. Decorated with antiques and the gorgeous view of the mountains it was exactly like staying at a bed and breakfast, embroidered robe and all. In the gardens there is a HUGE chess set with stone pieces (when I say huge I mean the playing pieces are waist high), there is painted silhouette of a man carrying a candlestick at the bottom of the stairs that led up to my personal little living quarters, and fireplaces in every room. We had dinner at a restaurant called Magnolias in Purcellville. It is in an old mill with many of the furnishings still intact. We took the scenic drive home and I got to see a lot of historical buildings and some really large homes. I think Virginia might be a place that is after my heart.

The flights were all right, though I practically ran from one end of O’Hare to the other for my connecting flight. Today Uncle Joe and Aunt Diana brought me up to The Grand in North Bethesda, which is where I’ll be staying for the ten day duration of our Washington D.C activities.

Another girl who is living in my apartment I went to get some healthy snacks for our place here for in between meals and breakfasts at the Giant Mart down the way. We pretty much have the day to ourselves aside from our short orientation type meeting tonight. So I’ll be reading more of my assigned articles and unpacking some. It’s official I have an interview with The British Museum, can’t wait for London!