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Sneak Peek at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

First things first, this post would have been written hours ago if not for The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s new real estate website.  Someday, I will buy my home from this very site.  I would like the Italian Villa that is listed right now and if you would like to donate to the cause, please let me know.

We’re going to be getting out of order for a little bit.  As the semester winds down I’ve had a lot going on and so haven’t been getting to my blog as hoped. However, winter break is coming up and I have a month off from school and my graduate assistantship. This = catching up on the things I’ve been meaning to write about for months. That said…

An excellent thing I’m finding about grad school is the great privilege of having professors with no shame; professors who are willing to call up just about ANYBODY and ask them for a tour, or to come talk to one of our classes.  The students in the Seton Hall Museum Professions department (myself included) have had an amazing semester.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art brightens any dreary day!

Tuesday, for Exhibitions A to Z (Steve Miller is the possibly the King of shameless opportunity seeking) we had a 2 ½ hour tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in NYC.  Let me just say, celebrity to some people includes Brad Pitt or Whoopi Goldberg, to me big time museum people are my celebrities. Our tour was with Michael Batista, Exhibition Design Manager at the MET and Sophia Geronimus, Graphic Design Manager, who joined us for the first portion of our tour.  How amazing to meet these people who are the BEST of the BEST in our field! A big thank you to both of them.

Our visit began with a literal walk-through of the exhibition The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty on display September 28, 2010- January 2, 2011. I can’t wait to go back and actually SEE this exhibition; there are some 300 amazing artifacts! Michael and Sophia talked us through their process of everything they do in planning an exhibition. I think the biggest point that was stressed was how incredibly important communication is.  When you have many different people, from different fields/specialties and often IN different countries, it is imperative everybody be on the same page.  Michael showed us the exhibition floor plan and model of the exhibition, and what a treat it was. To actually see that whole process in front of you is much different than just talking about it in the classroom.

Second, we went into the The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs exhibition. You all, of course, know my love of the Arts and Crafts Movement. This furniture takes it to a whole new level, wow. Thought it in no way goes together I will be buying the Italian Villa from the Preservation Nation real estate site and filling it with FLlW, Stickley and Rohlfs furniture. How do you like that?


Last, but the MOST EXCITING! Michael took us into the new Islamic Wing of the Museum. It won’t actually be called that, it will be the Galleries for the Arts of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia. What’s exciting about this you might ask? The fact that THEY AREN’T OPEN YET! They won’t actually be opening until fall of 2010, but we had a sneek peek!  I’m not going to tell you much, you’ll have to go see for yourself, but it’s going to be beautiful! Lots of art AND marble from all over the world.  Again, we got to see another part of the process. The building stage, something you definitely don’t get the full perspective on in the classroom.

Interesting fact:  The MET ACTUALLY cut a hole in the façade of the museum to bring in materials for the new Islamic exhibition space.  There is NO LIMIT to what we museum people will do to make the absolute BEST exhibitions we can for the public. Seriously, they just cut a hole in the side of the museum, I love it!


New York City and New Jersey

I recently took a trip out East to visit the grad school I’ll be going to this Fall, Seton Hall University.  It happened to work out that my dear friend from adolescence lives in New York City and another of our friends would be out visiting her the same time I was due to visit.  Somehow in the matter of a couple of days plane tickets were bought and it was planned that Preston and I would visit Alice and stay with her in NYC for a weekend. On Monday I would then take the short 30 minute train ride over to South Orange and check out my school.  New York City was a fabulous time, it became like a 5 year reunion for us as none of us will be attending our actual one this June (honestly, have I really been out of high school for 5 years now!?) First thing off the plane and train Preston insists we have a drink so this is us outside The Local.
We wandered aimlessly through NYC and met up with a friend of Preston’s. Ate some delicious pizza and drank some more since Alice was actin’ a b**** and was at work. When Alice got off work we ate at a lovely vegan restaurant called something Paradise II, I don’t remember but it was super tasty. A good taste at the beginning of our weekend long vegan endeavor.  Alice and her man Aki, I don’t care what she says I think this is the most adorable picture ever.
The picture to the right is very telling of my friends.  Each pose holds a little key into the personality of that respective person.
The evenings activities included a flask and dance music created by people dressed like bears aka Claymation Velociraptor.
The people were good, drinks were better and the music was great. Unfortunately my dear friends suffered some both that evening on until the next morning… It made for an interesting sub ride and a late start the next morning. After forcing my friends to eat bread for breakfast we went out for a day of sight-seeing.  We DID NYC so to speak. Saw the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, hit up the Broadway show God of Carnage starring Lucy Liu and Jeff Daniels, ate some more delicious vegan cuisine .  Needless to say no body really felt having a drink was in order on Saturday night.
Sunday we had a dazzling brunch, mimosas included. We were all, except Alice, feeling ourselves again and our dear friend Marie-Agathe had joined us for the day. Had we known mimosas were half-price we may have had many more.  Sunday’s schedule included another Broadway show Next to Normal, some more wandering around the city including eating at a terrifying but tasty vegan Indian joint. Lots of Lights!
Later that evening after Marie-Agathe and Rachel had departed from us Alice, Preston and I went for a little gallivant through Central Park.  It’s really only mildly frightening at night.  We were inspired to recreate one of my personal favorite movies, Home Alone II.  I took pictures of The Palace (the hotel where Kevin stayed) and then we staged this photo in the park. The roles are obvious, Preston = Kevin, Me = Kevin’s Mom and Alice = Crazy Bird Woman.
It was good spending the weekend with my peeps, I look forward to getting to hang out with Alice more this fall as school is only about a half hour from NYC and for all I know I could be working in the city.  It’s been about five years since we’ve really gotten to hang out and that means there is some ruckus to cause.  Monday I headed over to see what my future home of two years would be like.  South Orange is lovely! A picture perfect little village. Wandered around the village enjoying Eden Market downtown which I am super pumped for!  Gourmet shop with a little of everything from wine, cheese, sushi, ethnic, yum yum yum! Did the school thing and met some people, campus tour, sat in on a class.  Overall I had a very successful trip to the East, I’m looking forward to moving out there this summer. There are many adventures to be had.  The following picture is downtown South Orange, New Jersey.