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Portland Getaway – Novel #2

So, where were we?  I fell asleep last night and slept hard.  In the morning it was raining/thunderstorming outside and Sammi-Cat snuggled up with me in bed, so I may or may not have slept in an additonal hour longer than I’d intended.  Good news is tomorrow I get to work from home which includes me laying in bed reading Civil War letters and diaries all day. Awesome? I think so.

I know you’re all just skimming the paragraphs until I get to the good stuff where I left off from yesterday…the suspense is killing you, right? Well here it is so


Whale watching is incredible.  I need everybody to add it to their things to do before they die list (unless you get super seasick or have a water phobia) because honestly whales are fascinating.  They are enormous and beautiful creatures and sing in an equally beautiful language of their own.  On this little trip out of Massachusetts, Merry and I got the pleasure of seeing at two different times a cow (mama whale) and her calf (baby whale).  The first Humpback whale we saw was named Filament. Before our trip, they had not seen her yet this year and were quite excited to learn of her having had a calf. Calf, my butt, they’re born at over a ton!  They’re are able to name the whales by the markings/coloring on the underside of the whale’s tail.  It is sort of similar to how humans have unique fingerprints; each whale has a unique underside pattern.  They generally name the whale  (they have whale naming parties, seriously) something that resembles it’s pattern.  In this case Filament was fitting to the stripey marking of this whale’s tail. We hung around and watched these two for quite some time as they were just out on a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Why do cameras make everything look like they are so far away.  They weren’t too far away.  The boats get fairly close to them and apparently they don’t mind, maybe because their only natural predator is the Killer Whale. Thirty miles out into the ocean we had to begin to head back as the next tour was to leave at 1:30.  On the way we spotted another cow/calf pair and this lady’s name was Giraffe.  Sadly I didn’t get any good pictures of them as it was a sort of spot and run.  We made it back to shore at 1:23, the crew didn’t get much time before their next trip.  Below:  We had some tasty sourdough bread while whale watching!
I learned amazingly interesting stuff about whales and no, I won’t repeat it here because I know how much everybody loves me when I’m in walking history/nature/factoid tour guide mode.  However, if you get a chance to look up Humpback Whale songs on itunes or something you won’t regret it because it’s awesome.
From there we went to Trader Joe’s and then back to Portmouth, NH and had lupper (lunch-supper) at The Friendly Toast where Merry informed me they have the best sweet potato fries EVER.  Indeed, she was quite correct and the Ana Maria Quesadilla was super tasty too! It had vegetarian sausage, black beans, corn salsa, cheese and maple chile sour cream on it.  Then on towards Portland and from there I came on home to good ol’ Union.  Onl the way home I had another bottle of Kombucha, yum!

Today at work I managed to get a couple other jobs out of Suzy I could be working on instead of just attempting to fix their artifact catalog.  Thank goodness, because that is one messed up piece of non-organization.  Thus, my getting to read Civil War letters and diaries tomorrow to create a temporary exhibition for the Founders’ Day celebration later in July.  I also have a ton of Maquoketa Art Experience stuff to work on. Having a full-time internship, a part-time job, and living in Maine is a whole lot of stuff to do.