Supreme Court

Today was a more fun day of presentations, the speakers were a little more interesting. We went to Capitol Hill and talked with the deputy parliamentarian who is actually originally from Dubuque, again WOOT IOWA! It was interesting we got to sit in the house. They don’t allow you to take pictures inside but it was all quite exquisite. The staircase had this wrought-iron vine, cherub, and stag all intertwined, it was AMAZING for lack of a better word. I really wanted a picture so I could have it in my house someday but they said no.We went to the Supreme Courtroom. SWEET! The seats of the justices above and below the decor. Also very neat . The marble is from all over the place , ceilings are from Spain I believe. Beautiful and the carvings are really detailed and I would love to go actually watch while they are in session sometime.Below is the spiral staircase. It’s all marble and self-supported. It was built from the bottom up and the stairs are just sort of stuck together like lego pieces. I want one.On a side note, Leslie and I stopped in at the Lucky Asian Buffet ( the one we saw Uncle Joe and Aunt Diana) Scary! Everything they had pretty much looked like the animal it was. Baby octopus, fish with their heads cut off, baby animals. Weird. I ate some french fries, they were really tasty. I’m new to this buying food by the pound thing. Iowans don’t really do that I guess. Either way I’m also currently reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” it’s good so far. I bought it for reading on the airplane. Apparently we get free socks, so that exciting.

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