Leaving Tomorrow!

Yesterday I went to Australia. It was amazing. Well almost, I actually went to the Australian Embassy which I guess technically counts as being on Australian soil, neat. Well anyways, yesterday was pretty uneventful. We just did our presentations and the embassy. My presentation was about Britain and the European Union. Mostly just on why some people are for/or against it and what sort of benefits it has for the UK.


Today, more presentations and a little seminar from DC Vote. We had our farewell dinner tonight at Elephant & Castle which is a British type restaurant here in D.C. They served everything buffet style, I wasn’t very impressed but the little desserts (or puddings at they say in London) were tasty. I’ve been learning all sorts of fun slang, such as –spotted dick=pudding with raisins or fruit in it–‘jelly=jello only their’s comes all ready made in a box…really weird. Tipp-ex it white-out. Fit Bird=Good looking Girl, etc. etc. It will take a bit to catch on.


After dinner a couple of girls and I spent an hour or two at the bookstore. Apparently Laura also likes my favorite author which is awesome because nobody else has even heard of her, so we exchanged books and authors. It’s rare that I find somebody who likes to read the same random stuff as I do. Tonight is full of laundry and packing, tomorrow picking up a few last minute things, packing more, and then we’re off to the airport at 6:15 even though our flight doesn’t leave until 11. I’m not sure why.
Heard from Romney at the home museum today, apparently she heard from somebody at the British Museum who was pleased to tell her I would be starting there next week…She knows more about what is going on than I do. Oh well, soon enough I’ll be in London! Mom says some of my readers would like to comment on my blogs, apparently blogspot has changed and you can only do that if you have your own blog, which isn’t very handy. However, I would love to hear from you all via e-mail (pss004@uni.edu) , sorry it’s not more convenient.


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