A day of wandering parks

This will be a blog full of wildlife and fun. Casey and I both had the day off today so we decided to stroll the parks. We were to begin with St. James Park which is said to have a nice view of Buckingham Palace. We happened upon the changing of the guard and so stayed to watch. The band played and all was merry.Then we took a stroll through St. James park which is really beautiful. However, we felt that at any given time we may be attacked by creatures. In fact, Casey was about to be attacked by the little squirrel below. All he (the squirrel, not Casey) really wanted was the girl next to us’ peanuts. This pelican was huge. There were a nice variety of geese, ducks, and other random birds. Some I had never seen before.Look this is a whole gaggle of geese!
This was just a neat fountain that was at the end of Hyde Park which we went to after St. James. This is of course an extremely large park and we traversed the whole thing, we definitely got our exercise in for the day.This is Princess Diana’s memorial fountain. It is a simply lovely little fountain. Just a simple circle with a few hills and dips in it with a flowing fountain running through. You are encouraged to stick your feet in, so I did and it was very cold.At some point in the day we all went the Harrod’s, you know the huge store everybody says you have to go to in London. We’ll I wasn’t super excited about it but my own sister said it was a much so I went. This photo shows just how mature Casey and I can be as we are having a dog fight with puppets. I’m not sure the staff thought we were genuinely interested in buying their 80 pound umbrellas and 130 pounds ties.Tonight Casey and I went to see the musical Avenue Q it was hilarious. It was a musical with puppets and it was quite obscene but funny non-the-less. As it is described in the bill, naughty puppets bring to life stories that are dangerously true to life. … The stories were also things everybody is thinking but not really willing to say. The tickets were more than half off so we decided it would be a good time to go. This evening a coupla the girls and I went to Gloucester Arms and had a Strongbow, came home and now I am going to bed. I’m sure tomorrow will be another eventful afternoon out and about.


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