Carnaby Street, gotta be, had to be Cah-nah-bee Street.

Two hours to the horse races did not sound like a good idea at 7 this morning…so instead we slept in. When we started off this morning we saw a little farmer’s market with all sorts of samples, a good free way to get breakfast. We had marinated garlic, cheese sticks, some amazing cheesey bread dough ball things, apples, bread, and then we came to the goat cheese stand. What happened next made my entire day and possibly my entire weekend. To make a long story short there were something like 15 different types of goat cheese to try and Casey is popping them in his mouth faster than I can figure out what they are. When suddenly Casey looks like he may either throwup or start crying. For about two minutes he just stood there with this awful look on his face not wanting to be rude and spit it out but also not being able to swallow it. The man at the booth laughed and then told Casey it was his best seller but that he could spit it out because the birds like it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of his actual face eating the “well-aged” awful awful cheese. We had many kinds but the goat cheese covered in ashes from burnt coconuts was my favorite, kind of different. If we had ovens we would have gotten some of the bread dough ball things to make, but we don’t

Casey and I went to the Red Bull Flugtag competition which is basically where Red Bull (the energy drink) has a big ramp built out over some water. People from all over build what are supposed to be clever gliding/flying machines. They run them off the end of the ramp and whoever makes it the farthest without crashing wins I guess. We didn’t stay for the entire thing but it was quite amusing. Most aircrafts only made it to the end of the ramp and took a quick dive along with their drivers into the lake. Below the picture of somebody falling off the end is what the fliers look like after they stop flying.

Walking around Hyde Park they have some really crazy trees. This tree made it look like the Earth was wearing a big wig and you could walk under it and climb up in it’s branches. Casey and I also had fun feeding the squirrels who are quite friendly. A little old lady informed me that the squirrels would not eat bread however, they only liked peanuts. She also said we had better not feed them salted peanuts because it was bad for them. Thus Casey and I’s plans for next weekend were born. Feeding peanuts to the squirrels at the park.

I had to travel to Carnaby Street for my good old friend Alice. We used to watch an obnoxious movie about two girls going to London called Smashing Time. I took this picture in remembrance of all the amazing smashing times we’ve had. It was a fun little shopping street as well. The walk include cheap chinese noodles and amazing tea samples.This afternoon we got lost on the bus system, we blame Leslie and Laura who thing that Camberwell Grove is where we need to go to. It’s not however but it was like another fun sight-seeing tour. Tomorrow, a day of rest and relaxing….and homework.


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