Dreaming of Museum Visitors

The last two days at the museum I have been doing visitor tracking. As you can see below, this requires me to lurk the gallery and stalk people when they come in . I created the blueprint of my exhibit below and use this to draw those fine squiggly lines you see and record where it is people go when they enter the gallery. This particular person went mostly in the correct direction. However, the stats are not looking too good. Many people have been going in the opposite direction, which is understandable, the gallery is set up quite oddly. Of course this is what I am here to find out, whether the exhibit needs to be set up differently or not in later exhibitions. Tomorrow I have 36 more observations (making a total of 100) to make and then I have to finish compiling my data and make a report and analysis about my methodology and findings and what not. This should be interesting as I have never done anything of this sort before.
These are all some pictures from the last few days, I apologize for things being out of order but as people post pictures I get them and want to show them to you so I’ll try to make things as clear as possible. Above was Sunday, chill and homework day. We went to Hyde Park which is just this HUGE area and because the sun was finally showing we had a picnic (you guessed it pbj sandwiches) I was right where that open spot is by the huge blue BM Internship Orientation guide is. It was actually a very interesting read. In the afternoon we went to stop by the National Portrait Gallery and we happened upon Dano which is a Korean festival of sorts. We seem to happen upon many of our coolest activities, this little band was like its own little parade. The portrait gallery was huge, my posse grew tired early so I’ll have to go back and finish reading every single text panel later like I love to.
These pictures are from Saturday night, we went down to Bar Bar Blacksheep had a drink and played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. That is the really fun thing about pubs and bars here, it isn’t just a bunch of obnoxious drunk people. You can sit and chat and play board games, my kinda place. A couple of locals joined us and man were they much better than we were. Below was my team with Mo, Leslie, myself, and Jessica. We lost by one question, Mo’s specialty was Science, and everything we didn’t actually know the answer to we answered Tony Blair.
The winning team consisted of Casey, Laura, Ryan, and Peter. It was a good time, we are thinking this may become a regular activity too. I’m glad some of the people on this trip are just as nerdy as I am.
Last night we went to the pub to watch the big football match (soccer of course) It was rowdy but a lot of fun. The next big event coming up is seeing King Lear at Shakesphere’s Globe Theatre on Thursday, that will be exciting!


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