Weekend Adventures

There has been too much going on this weekend. It started out that on Thursday night we went to see King Lear at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was very, very good. The acting was phenomenal and the atmosphere was even better. It was outside but luckily it wasn’t that chilly. Below are the little accompanying ensemble and a group of us that went to see it.Friday we went to Bath, Stonehenge, and Salisbury. Bath is absolutely beautiful , so I’m going to get a job at the Bath Museum and I all ready picked out my house. This is the English countryside on the way to Bath. This would be just down the road from where I’ll be working, just kidding. Isn’t it gorgeous though?Here you can see inside the Roman Baths and in the background the Bath Abbey. The Roman Baths were awesome and oh so tempting to jump in but they don’t let you do that. It was just like this big stone vault of different size and types of baths. The museum part was very interesting and informative as well. For 50 pence Casey and I got to sample the water, it was very hot and full of the minerals. It made my teeth feel funny.Next we went to Stonehenge, I tried to push the stones over but they were too heavy. Stonehenge is interesting but not near as large as I thought it might be. Then on to Salisbury, this cathedral had us all in awe. It is absolutely gorgeous outside and in, we also got to see one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta. There will be more pictures for all of these things later. My camera battery died so I stole Casey’s camera but haven’t gotten a chance to get the other pictures yet, so more stuff later.Of course on Saturday we went to the Naked Bike Ride in Hyde Park. This was to protest Oil Dependency and Bicyclists Rights. No worries, I posted the least vulgar pictures I had. We also got video….which is interesting. A lot of the body painting was very neat though. I thought about joining in and started to loose my shirt but my friends didn’t think it was a very good idea…and I didn’t have a bicycle, which was too bad.


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