I love markets

Stayed up late Thursday night so decided it just may not be a bad idea to sleep in a bit. I feel like I’m wasting valuable time but I guess if I don’t sleep I won’t fully enjoy time either. We got started a little later in the afternoon but Leslie and I didn’t have anything planned so we just went wandering. We ended up down by the London Eye (which I will ride eventually before I leave hopefully) We just sort of wandered in and out of places on the the waterfront looking for things to do. This is a Dali design sculpture on the Thames. I love it, it is from one my favorite paintings of his.

Next we came upon a Fright Club Horror Show, so for lack of something better to do we went. I was locked in the stockades and beating with a bloody amputated leg. It was an interesting show. It is apparently not illegal for people in haunted houses to touch you here cause I about lost my leg twice and had a small girl on my back at one point. It was fun, I’m almost sure in the states they aren’t allowed to touch you at all.
Next we found a huge arcade so just stopped by and played a few games. The bumper cars were absolutely ridiculous. It would have been a lawsuit in the states for sure. They went really really fast and when you got hit it wasn’t just a little bump it was getting thrown all the way to the other side of the arena. It was the best bumper cars I’ve ever been on!Leslie and I’s camels raced …her camel was faster than mine. We used the tickets we won at the arcade to buy candy. I feel it was a good investment for the return of fun and sugar.

Then we just came back to the flats and chilled as we were both really tired from our afternoon of fun. I’m entirely sick of eating spaghetti and pbj sandwiches so I decided to stop and get groceries and make something tasty. Mom should be proud! I like to make it fancy and call it Sage and Cheddar Fried Aubergine on a bed of creamy chicken pilaf with a roasted baguette. It was tasty enough to sound that fancy but really it was fried eggplant with brown rice with cream of chicken soup poured over it. Minus the butter and sodium it was kind of healthy right?
This morning I forgot my camera. I never forget my camera so this naturally upset me. I take pictures of everything but Casey wouldn’t let me go back for it. We went to the Camden Market and it was amazing. It was like it’s own little village and there was so much neat stuff! My first purchase was some peaches…four and I’ve eaten them all all ready. Casey and I wandered there for quite a few hours. I didn’t buy too much, there were a lot of clothes and crafts stuff I don’t actually NEED or have room to pack. I did however meet a leather worker who I schmoozed with for a while and he made me two custom made leather bracelets for 6 quid only! I was so excited so they fit my wrist perfectly and were crazy cheap. He offered to make me a zebra skin belt too but that was kind of weird and Casey was waiting to leave.

We ate some really bizarre but amazing candy at a stand, and also some really bad lemonade. Lemonade is very hit or miss in this country…you never know their definition of it or what they are going to give you. I try to stick to water. The market was amazing, I might try to hit it up again before we leave…I’m only here 36 more days. That’s not very many. Here is a pic or two I made just for fun, this is what I do really late at night when I’m procrastinating on sleeping.

Tomorrow I have a lot of work to do for work. Too much work but I’m trying to keep at it. I guess the museum is basically substituting me for the professional consultants they usually have come in. David thinks I can do better then I’m sure I can. It’s just going to be intense. Tomorrow at Trafalgar Square they are having a free event called West End Live, note the word free, I love that. Basically all of the shows that are going on around here, Dirty Dancing, Phantom of the Opera, Spamalot, Chicago, etc. are going to have actors there performing skits and numbers from their shows. So that should be a lot of fun!


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