Night out with the colleagues

This week has been very busy work and class on Monday and Tuesday, then yesterday I went to work all day and then we had a “staff event” afterwards. I’m surprised this type of staff event doesn’t happen in the states more. At about three four of us left work early and set off for the museum in the docklands (east end) We went to the special Jack the Ripper exhibition because we get in free. It was interesting but not terribly well done I didn’t think. David being the huge interp and eval nerd that he is made us go through this whole evaluation of it, but in a fun way not a, we have to do this? sort of a way. After we finished at the museum and they kicked us out we walked over to the Thames on this nice little bench sat and had a couple of beers (that David brought in his backpack) and talked about the exhibit and other stuff. I thought this might be the end of the staff event but it absolutely wasn’t. We wandered some more on Canary Wharf had a couple glasses of Pimms (which is very good) at some random pub….walked some more and ate at a Turkish restaurant called Tas.

We had Renk which is basically a whole bunch of dips and stuff they bring out with bread and then some falafel, spinach cheese filled things, calamari, mussels, and a bunch of stuff and everybody just eats whatever. It was all quite tasty. We had a bottle of wine here…then we went past a pub which was the first stop in Geoffery Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but didn’t go in, it’s more like a hostel now I think. Then we went into the pub where Charles Dickens apparently used to frequent (Steve is full of random knowledge on ALL of the pubs). We had another bottle of wine, David wanted to get quail’s eggs to eat, but luckily for me they stopped serving food all ready. I don’t think I could make myself eat a quail’s egg. After that pub closed down they started looking for ANOTHER pub…I was like wholly heck, I was doing really well but this kid doesn’t drink like that and I knew I had to work this morning. They all had taken the day off to go to Wimbledon. Alas, all the pubs in the area were closed so I caught the tube home and went to sleep. It was quite an evening for a staff outing but I really enjoy my colleagues and we had a lot of fun.

This morning I wook up and my arms were all full of hives, so I apparently got into something I was allergic to. I’m thinking it was probably the clipboards at work I’ve been carrying around. Oh well so I called Rhiannon and asked that I not come in today, I didn’t really want to wander the galleries with my arms all red and puffy looking. She said that was fine so I’m staying in today, resting, catching up on laundry, sleeping, eating….the good things. Sorry there aren’t many pictures for this blog, I don’t get a chance to go out much during the week. Here are a few pictures from last weekend though. The first two are both at Camden Market where we went shopping (I went back again the next day with Ben) and didn’t forget my camera. This is the lock that runs down the middle of the market. Below is one of the tunnels that go into the markets. It is so easy to get lost going down into tunnels and up stairs, back and fourth. I saw things the second day I definitely didn’t see the first.
Last Saturday night we went out clubbing. We went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. Six of us girls just went, I wore heels…bad idea. I wanted to die by the end of the night I don’t understand how the rest of those girls all made it. It was fun, they play all your normal music like we would play at a middle school dance, lots of early 90’s stuff. I liked it. We found a few guys who we ended up dancing with most of the night, they were fun. Supposedly it was Richard’s 21st bday…Neither he or Michael look 21 though. There were a lot of really young people there which made things weird when you have somebody who looks like a twelve year old boy start dancing with you…but there were a fair share of 40 year olds there too. I think I’m more of a pub scene girl than a clubber.


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