Not Home, but It’ll Do

I had plans for a big blog, but I’m very tired.  I think my travels are catching up with me and all day today staring at a computer screen teaching myself Past Perfect software has taken its toll.  Chances I get going on this though and this blog will turn into a novel before I know it.  We took Dad to the airport on Sunday and I was super sad to see him go.  I love my pops and never in my life have I gotten him all to myself for three days in a row!  I enjoyed him as a traveling companion and miss his being around all ready.  I cried and I think Dave was unsure how to handle it so we went on a tour of mid-coast harbor town Maine to “take my mind off it”.  This included McDonald’s breakfast again, blech, some tasty honey wheat donuts (yes breakfast twice because Dave says they’re the best) and some tasty pizza at a joint called Athens.  It was very good but of course nothing next to Manny’s.  Why does everybody think they can top it?  They can’t.
The tour was fun I can’t remember all the towns we
went through but they included Thomaston, Damariscotta, Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Newagen, etc.  These are all beautiful, quaint little towns with harbors and beautiful hilly views. I also got to see a couple more lighthouses including Hendrick’s Head and another that was in Newagen I think but haven’t figured out the name for yet. Can’t wait to do more exploring.


My hostess Elaine is a fantastic lady! It’s sort of like having a 3rd grandma, we get on very well and like a ton of the same stuff.  I haven’t gotten anything done the last two days for sitting around eating pudding, drinking wine (she insists on a glass a day how could we not get along?) and chatting.  I have a huge room and bathroom all to myself, what’s not to like?  Though I all ready miss home.  Started work today and it was taxing.  The Historical Society is very small and by teaching me Past Perfect they mean learning from trial and error and the User’s Guide.  It’s okay, I’m learning either way.  Lunch was weird today, I ordered a sandwich and the thing to the right is what they gave me.  I wanted my stuff INSIDE the sandwich…they ripped a strip of bread out down the middle and piled the stuff on top, weird.  Scoped out the town a bit over lunch and found three very popular swimming holes.  The thing about Union is that it is surrounded by what they call ponds but are actually INCREDIBLY large lakes.  Can’t wait to go for a swim.  Needless to say I’m in a great location with beautiful views; I think I can handle Maine.  Below are the pictures of where I’ll be for 5 weeks.  These are the “ponds”  the third view is less than a five minute walk from my house.


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