A Dip at Pieri Pond

Today was my work from home day.  This morning Elaine and I went in to meet the other intern that will be working at the Matthew’s Museum in town.  She’s very…talkative.  Moving on, on the way back home Elaine told me about a little place called Pieri Pond.  Pieri Pond is a privately owned man-made 12 1/2 acre pond.  Elaine tells me anybody who wants can go back there and swim though she’s never done it.  There is no road entrance to this pond.  You park on the road and then walk back into the forest on a none too distinct path then take a dip.

Well I was a little apprehensive when I arrived this afternoon. My plan was to lay out in the sun and read my civil war materials then maybe go for a dip.  I arrived to my “parking place” on the gravel road and walked back toward where I thought the pond was.  I found it and it is beautiful!  I walked the edge which is mown most of the way around and saw a bajillion huge fish.  Wish the Schwartz boys and Krista were here to go fishing! Down at the lower part of the pond I climbed out on a rock to enjoy the sunshine (all the time hoping I was REALLY supposed to be here).  Before I knew it an old chap came on over from the cabin on the other side of the pond in an electric golf cart.

George: “Hello there!”
Pam: “Hi, am I right in believing it is okay I swim here?”
George: “You can do anything you want.”
Pam: “Oh, all right.  I’m from Iowa so I wasn’t sure. I’m here doing an internship at UHS.”
George: “Iowa. Do you like to fish? Because you can fish here, we’ve got large and small mouth bass and yellow perch. You catch um, you keep um. We’ve got too many.  I’ve got a couple extra rods just inside the door over there, help yourself.  You look like you know how to canoe; I’ve got one of those too.  Go out anytime.”

So, that was a good conversation I think.  He said kids come out swimming in the afternoon but mornings the place would be all mine. He even mentioned clothes are optional if kids aren’t around.  Hmm…
The pond is only 9 foot deep at maximum points and my favorite little place is all rock bottom.  By rock bottom I mean a giant ledge of rock, it may as well be paved underneath for the first 5-6 feet in.  A great ledge for jumping off.  The water is amazingly clear!  So I spent the afternoon lying in the sun reading and then dove in for a swim as there looked to be encroaching storm clouds.
The pond is located at what folks around here call Appleton Ridge.  Just up the hill from the pond is this amazing view featured both above and below.  Blueberry fields surrounded by wildflowers and backed by hills and Sennebec Pond.  So, again just two minutes from home is a breathtaking escape.
Side story:  I have found over the years that I am a person blessed with the, “You look like” complex.  Things I have often heard or just made me wonder exactly what it means to look like.
“You look like you know how to canoe.”
“You carry a shovel like you know how to use it.”
“You look like a swimmer.”
“You look like you could take on a bunch of the blimey buggers.”
“You look like a rugby player.”

And the list goes on and on… I’m sure I’m forgetting some good ones.  Maybe the “You look like” Complex will be a new occasional SPECIAL section in my blog.


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