I ate a Wasses.

I love fieldtrips, especially two days in a row.  Upon arrival to work this morning Suzy expressed the thought that maybe I’d like to go over to Rockland and eat a Wasses. Then she thought she’d show me where the Owl’s Head beaches are in the case I want to go rock/shell hunting. My reply, “I think DEFINITELY, not maybe, that I would.”

I worked until one then went over to Dave and Suzy’s to leave from there. They were doing stuff with some people working on their house so I took the paper and sat out on the porch and read for an hour. Good and productive.  So at 2:15ish we left for Rockland and stopped and had a Wasses.  Yesterday Suzy told me I needed to try a Wasses before I left Maine, so today she took me to have one. Wasses is a hot dog shack in Rockland and he cooks his wieners a special way.  First off the buns are different in Maine, they’re like a hot dog bun but they split them down the top not down the side like we do back in Iowa.  They cook the hot dog in peanut oil and then load a bunch of stuff on top.  I had one the traditional way with everything on it; mustard, caramelized onions and relish.  Everything DOES NOT mean ketchup unless you say I want one with everything AND ketchup.  My other was cheese (liquid style!) and onions because that’s how the Wasses lady recommended I do.  Wasses are delish.

Owl’s Head is a cute little name for a place and is the name of the town, park and lighthouse.  The lighthouse was unfortunately under construction ruining all photo opportunities and enjoyment experience.  It’s a short, fat little up on a tall hill which makes it a change from many Maine lighthouses.  Suzy took me down to the rock beach, I’ll definitely be going back there soon to wade around and find stuff, the water is so clear! Already today I found some fancy shells and a dried out star fish (I won’t capture a live one…) it’s just a baby but it’s neat.  That was all but it was a nice day and gave me an idea of how to get around Owl’s Head and parts of Rockland.  Upon arriving home Elaine and I had beef stroganoff and FRESH green beans.  I also had some Chardonnay, have I mentioned Elaine and I drink a glass of wine every night? I love it.

I think it should be a good holiday weekend.  Elaine and I are going to do some chores in the morning, hit up some wineries and later the mandatory fireworks. I love the 4th of July, in this case the whole weekend of!


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