I’m a Little Behind, Back to Canada

I know I’m a little behind in blogging. I apologize for any boredom or concern about my welfare this may have caused but I am back, hopefully full force. I’ve had a busy few weeks and have a lot of catching up to do. The main portion of this blog will contain a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago during my travels home from Maine but was lacking an internet connection to post. You can expect in the next few days a rapid fire of catch-up, no not KETCHUP or Catsup blogs for that matter. Next on the agenda is my RAGBRAI adventure.

Other new news in my life is that I’m starting a second blog. I have to realize my audiences. People who read this blog may not care about museums/what I have to say about museums and people who may want to read that stuff do not care about my personal life/adventures etc. I will be separating the two at least to some extent; there will still be overlap as much of my life is consumed by museum stuff. If you’d like to read both please feel free I’ll be posting the link soon. This is also a way for me to potentially start a blog professionals (the people who don’t care what I ate for lunch like you do) to read, follow and comment on.
Remember I wrote this blog a few weeks ago and don’t care to go through and alter it, the drive home the rest of the way from Canada via Michigan was uneventful but I had an excellent driving partner! Lil’ Lads Popcorn!
Today was a lovely jaunt through Canada (also Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont). I must say that traveling 401 through Quebec and Ontario is much better than the Mass Turnpike and MUCH CHEAPER. Gas may be a little more expensive but there are NO tolls and Canada knows how to move some traffic, even in Toronto at rush hour. Seriously there are 14-16 lanes of traffic through there at any given time, that is more than I like to deal with. I just stuck to the far left lane because it gave me some space. The one place I intended to stop today was Screw Auger Falls near Bethel, Maine but there was construction going on all over that road so I was unable to stop at that particular point. Not slow me down traffic thank goodness; I hit all the one lane traffic just as my side was getting to go.


I drove through the White Mountains in New Hampshire and it is an incredibly beautiful area; big looming mountains with clouds ringing around the top and little lakes strewn about here and there. Originally I thought I would do more sightseeing through Canada but for the first big part of it I don’t remember enough of my French to get around. I remembered enough to get me through Quebec and the beginning of Ontario but I didn’t care to stray too far. Also Mapquest is terrible, I’ll stick to my atlas any day. Mostly though, I’m ready to be home. I’m ready to see the family and NOT being driving for twelve hours at a time… instead I’ll be riding my bike for that long, eesh!
I found a room at the Mohawk Inn right off the highway that is cheap AND clean! How often does that happen? It’s in Campbellville, Ontario. There is a pretty hopping restaurant attached with pretty usually pub food and lots of seafood. I’m feeling lazy so I just ordered a pizza take-out style and a Canadian beer of the counter lady’s recommendation and I’m in for a relaxing evening at the Mohawk. It wasn’t a very eventful day, just a lot of driving.
Exciting Points: There is a place in New Hampshire called Santa’s Village and it is sort of like a mini amusement park and they BLARE Christmas music so that I’m pretty sure I heard it for a mile on either side of it.
There are two men playing bagpipes in the parking lot of my hotel.
Episode #2 of “You look like…”
1. “You look like Julia Roberts.” I get this more than any other you look like ever. I think it’s because I have big teeth. I wish I looked quite a bit MORE like Julia Roberts and got to make out with Richard Gere, but I don’t want to be a ginger..

2. “You look like you have some Native American/Indian/Injun in you.” I get this a lot, apparently it’s my skin color, the shape of my eyes and my high/strong cheek bones? I have no idea, this is what people tell me. Supposedly it was rumored I have some Native American somewhere in my blood line but as I work on my family genealogy I’m finding this to be a prevarication. The Lakota Sioux I met on the reservation even thought so.


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