Some New Photoshop/Illustrator Fiddlins

Nothing has been happening. I’ve been applying for jobs and trying not to go insane about it. Classes don’t start until next Monday so I have plenty of time to use for other things and it has been raining so exploring has not been ideal. I think I’ll try to go for a bike ride this weekend, apparently there is some safe/nice riding up by the state park and there is a South Orange Bike Coalition with some maps on their website I may try. Sounds like it splits into the leisure riders and harder hill/speed training which I can definitely use. It would be good for me. They ride twice a week so I’m hoping to get in on that, schedule permitting. More exciting is that there is a 25 mile ride in Newark in September that goes around to different historical monuments, two things I love all bundled up in one.

I met my other roomie, Shannon, today. She says she wants to get in to biking so I tried to encourage her so maybe I can have a riding buddy. She’s seems every bit as much a card as Sheila. I’ve been spending some time on family history stuff and made a bit of a breakthrough on a few more names on the Weimerskirch side. I’ve also been fiddling with some new graphic techniques I’ve been meaning to tackle and master. I’ve included some examples so you actually have a reason to enjoy this blog. As you can see, I have some practicing to do and some fine tuning. Feel free to shoot me comments or suggestions, ideas or requests. I like doing stuff.

The layout of the rest of this blog is really dumb, but blogger has some issues when it comes to moving around photographs.  They also have issues with adding captions and maintaing spaces so the captions are as follows from left to right in each row, sorry for the viewing inconvenience.

1) Out of Bounds photography- I like the idea of this, I need to work on it.  The big thing is what do you put in the background behind the photo that’s effective?
2) The Sin city Effect – I didn’t have any gruesome quotes from the movie and didn’t feel the need to add a gun to the picture so, it’s just my favorite quote.
3) Vectors, 3D text and overlays – I REALLY need to work on these, though I blame it mostly on a poor choice of font.  I did say font, not name.
4) The Ansel Adams Effect – It is my belief that most outdoor photos can be AMAZING when blow up to enormous sizes.  Unfortunately I don’t have the funding to blow some of my pics up to interest people so I create effects instead.
5) The Polaroid Effect – I like this, it is fun.  I’m finally getting the hang of clipping masks.
6) Again Clipping Masks, I MISS MY KIDS and I LOVE YOU!


2 responses to “Some New Photoshop/Illustrator Fiddlins

  • Jenni Schwartz

    1. I still love that picture. Destiny still looks like she's teaching you how to play.2. Calamity Jane! That's one of my favorite quotes too!3. Hey! That's ME!4. Pretty!5. I like this one. Very cool.6. It should be easy enough to come up with a Christmas present for Luke & Alanda…P.S. I miss you already. 😦

  • Aunt Diana

    I love the pics. I think I might try starting a blog again. I may need your help. Hope you are having some fun in New Jersey. We will be traveling there in a few weeks to catch the boat for our cruise. Doubt if we will have time to say hi. The travel agency as arranged to take people from this area that are going on the cruise by bus to NJ. I don't think we have any down time. If we do, I will call you.

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