The Beginning of an Excellent Journey

Today was the start of my graduate career. I must say I am really looking forward to only learning things that I’m interested in. Anybody who has attended undergraduate schooling knows there are so many courses that you HAVE to take that will never apply to your life. This semester I am enrolled in Writing for Museums, History and Theory of Museums and Exhibitions A to Z. This evening was my first class of Writing for Museums. This is something I know I need, so my followers can look forward to an improvement in my writing as the semester progresses. We had a short in-class assignment today and in it I mentioned my writing tends to be conversational and verbose. Verbose? What do you think? As my last two blog posts turned into novels, I’m going to attempt to start writing more effectively and so consequently, I will hopefully be writing more succinctly.

I assume my classes and text readings will provide me with a surfeit of topics to discuss. Is there a topic you’ve been dying to discuss? Leave a comment and I will see what we can get started.

Upcoming: Logos and branding to take notice of.
Also, I’m working on some new designs for this blog because this one is not hitting the spot. Maybe we will have a vote.


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