The Best Thing I Ever Ate

This blog is inspired by the show of the same name on Food Network. I’m sure I’ll forget something here but as of now I ‘m going to write about some of the best foods I’ve ever had. I have so many so this may turn into a first edition.
Winner Takes All: Manny’s Pizza in Savannah, Illinois.
This is my take all final supper meal. Its thin, chewy crust and grease dripping cheese is THE PERFECT mating of crust, sauce and cheese you’ll ever find. Anywhere, period.
Soups Up from a Can: Campbell’s Tomato Soup made with Milk
A childhood favorite and I don’t care what anybody says, it always taste better when Grandma Taplin makes it and you eat it with a serving spoon like Grandpa did, not just a regular spoon.
Soups Up Home Edition: Chicken Dumpling Vegetable Soup
This soup made by my mother herself is true soul/home food. No matter where I eat it or if I make it myself, it isn’t as good as my mom’s, her dumplings are perfect every time.

Simple Breakfast for Super Cheap: Waffle Stop in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
It’s easy to get stuffed for less than $7 here. I recommend a FULL ORDER of Biscuits and Gravy and when you order their warm cinnamon rolls the icing will make you weep.

Breakfast with All the Options: Café this Way in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Hash browns. That is ALL you need to eat here. A delicious mound of hash browns with an insane amount of fixings you can have loaded on top. Yum! I recommend goat cheese, roasted red peppers, bacon and pickled jalapenos!

Dessert from the Heart: A chocolate malt made by my Dad.
I’m really not biased to my family’s cooking but he gets it perfect every time, it is always the ideal ratio. Recently he made a Mocha Coffee Malt that rocked my world! Second Place, colored or carmel popcorn made by Grandma Taplin

Cakey Dessert: Blarney Stones made by Grandma Schwartz.
These are a labor of love and my fave.  I had them at my graduation, I want them at my wedding!  If you don’t know what these are you are truely missing out.

Restaurant Breads: Popovers at Jordan Pond Restaurant, Acadia National Park, Maine.

These are legendary and for good reason. Simple but perfect.

Homemade Breads: Dilly Cheesy Onion Casserole Bread by the Iron Hill Church Ladies?
Mom correct me if I’m wrong here… I don’t remember what the exact name of this bread was but we used to buy it at Farmer’s Market in Maquoketa, Iowa and it is DELICIOUS! I will recreate this.

Pasta at Home: Roasted Red Pepper Rotini Caesar
Recipe compliments of my sister Jenni. My only addition is asparagus. I can eat this dish for an entire week and I just did.

Pasta Whoa!: Ravioli at One Eleven Main in Galena, Illinois.
Handmade asparagus and asiago filled lemon spinach ravioli with a creamy parmesan broth. What’s not to like.

Sushi/Maki Stuff: Asparagus Maki Rolls at Soho in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
I don’t like sushi so I stick to maki, they make an AMAZING asparagus roll with a soy wrap, grilled asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese and balsamic reduction sauce. You all KNOW I love Balsamic Vinegar! They used to make a mean chicken satay but they took if off the menu so I stole the recipe. You can now find it at my house, mmm.

Thai Food: Thai Lagoon in Chicago, Illinois.
I don’t even know how to explain it. I have eaten A LOT of Thai food and this has always been the best.

Potato in Chip FormOld Dutch Dill Pickle Chips, unsurpassed by ANY other brand.

Potato in Fry FormFrench fries and burger sauce, Camberwell Kebab, London, U.K.

Runners-up, Staples and Other Notables – My spinach dip recipe, brown sugar bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, Green Bean Casserole, Cheesy potato hash brown casserole, Strawberry Meringue Kiss Cookies, Popcorn


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