It’s all about the food

My life, in general, is lived for food.  Yes, I have many aspirations, but on a day to day basis grub is my emphasis.  I’m attempting to alter my eating habits to a healthier standard but am also working towards only eating GREAT food.  No more eat this because it is easy or because I like it okay.  This has been going very well for me.  I have lost weight and am enjoying a better quality of life.  Occasionally I dedicate entire blog posts to food.  This is because the food deserves it.

However, when I eat something delicious it might not constitute an entire blog post so I’m forming a “Eat Joy” section.   You’ll be able to read about any new cooking endeavors I have tried or great restaurants I’ve been to. You may even find a recipe from time to time.

Eat Joy

Grub I’m Lovin
Goat Cheese/Greens/Peppers Combos – I love this combo in all forms! It can be a pizza with spinach and red peppers, toasted multi-grain baguette with arugula and yellow peppers, all with goat cheese all very tasty.
Purdue Baked Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Nuggets – Chicken nuggets? Really?  I know it SEEMS simple, but they are SO GOOD and a quick fix under the broiler.
Magner’s Hard Cider – It isn’t Kopparberg but it was pretty tasty.
So I’m cheating a lil’ bit this week because I’m including a couple of food dates that happened earlier that I just haven’t had the chance to write about.

Cuban Pete’s in Montclair, NJ Highly Recommended
Situation: My friend Marie-Agathe came to visit from Philly before she moves home to France.
Atmosphere: Busy and loud but very popular/hot
Empanda De Queso (Manchego cheese and spinach empanada)
Pernil Con Tostones (Crispy pork with fried plantains and garlic mojo)
Pollo Cubano (Half boneless chicken with Cuban garlic mojo, white rice, black beans & sweet plantains)
Rating: Love. Everything was VERY good and portions are huge!
Village Diner in South Orange, NJ Breakfast Not Recommended/Lunch Recommended
Situation: Breakfast with Marie-Agathe before she went back to Philly.
Atmosphere: Very breakfast at a diner-y
Buttermilk Waffle w/ a side of crispy bacon
Rating: Could have easily been Eggo waffles, very sub par.

Situation: Lunch after class with Danielle
Atmosphere: Loud and hoppin’
Grilled Chicken Panini (Grilled Panini with chicken breast, baby greens, roasted red peppers, mozzarella,   balsamic vinaigrette with AWESOME French fries, pickle and coleslaw)
Rating: They have a large/varied lunch menu and this was a HUGE tasty dish.  Danielle had a beef gyro and that was also quite good.

Famiglia Pizza, Times Square,  New York City MEH
Situation: Catching the bus home after going to the King Tut exhibition in Times Square so I grabbed a slice for the walk.
Eats: Big floppy delicious looking piece of cheese pizza
Rating: I t was incredibly mediocre. I hate when pizza fails me.

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