Good Place For a Morning Dip

Almost one full week of this internship down and tomorrow should be more exciting. We’re transplanting perennials. Hey, when you work in a super small museum you have to help out where the helpin’ is needed.  Whatever it’ll be a break from the mundane data entry I’ve been doing all week.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve got Past Perfect (museum cataloging software) down now and know how to sell ‘Come Spring’ Bus Tickets to people but it just hasn’t been very exciting yet.   Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked in an actual HISTORY museum. I’ve done historic home (meticulously cleaned) and a natural history museum but not for a while in a museum with really old stuff I have to handle.  Unfortunately for me what I first view as a treasure trove of musty old first editions, yellowing photographs long since pulled from an album with adhesive residue on the backing and dusty, been stored away for years ball gowns later become multi-day hive/rash breakout.  My skin, and body in general, hate the world and everything in it.


Elaine made a great point that I’ve really chosen a perfect career path for having the skin that I do where I will constantly be surrounded by old.  Anyways, hives aside, did you know it’s a really big hassle to try and give blood in another state?  Did it last night and man were they weird about the fact that I (and my American Red Cross card) are from Iowa.  However, after a bajillion hours of reciting my social security, name, d.o.b. and phone number I fulfilled my citizen duty and hit the 2 gallon donor mark. Yay me.
I believe I’ve mentioned the “ponds” here are wonderful and because of this people are swimming in them all of the time.  Except for tonight when I was driving home from work the swimming hole just a few minutes drive from my house was vacant.  I give the on again/off again rain showers today the credit but it was an opportune time for me to stop, wade in and enjoy.  It’s a great sandy little swimming spot, no muddy yucky gunk to contend with. I made the decision I’m going to start getting up early in the morning and going for a swim, before there are a million people invading this serene pool.

The only other news is that Elaine and I are more and more the same person every day.  I asked the other day if she likes hummus because I thought about picking some up, she said yes we chatted about brands etc.  The next day she was going shopping in Rockland and because it’s like 25 minutesish away a person tries to get most of their groceries in the fewest trips possible. Well what did she bring me but my favorite Sabra Roasted Pine Nut hummus! She also got us marshmallow fluff for crepes and sandys with peanut butter AND she loves golden oreos! We’re besties now.  Also on the good news front I’m heading down to Portland this weekend to hang out with Merry (my friend’s mom) and do lots of fun stuff! Expect pictures!


One response to “Good Place For a Morning Dip

  • Jenni Schwartz

    Well, it is nice to see that you are alive and well. I will let you use the excuse about your hives, just this once, for your failure to call me or text me back for several days now.Enjoy your swim. It looks super pretty there!

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